Grouped Rows (Custom Renderer)

Continent sorting Region sorting Country sorting
Africa (42 Items)
Africa Eastern Africa Zimbabwe
Africa Northern Africa Tunisia
Africa Central Africa Chad
Africa Western Africa Niger
Africa Eastern Africa Djibouti
Africa Western Africa Guinea-Bissau
Africa Central Africa Equatorial Guinea
Africa Central Africa Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
Africa Central Africa Cameroon
Africa Western Africa Côte d’Ivoire
Africa Eastern Africa British Indian Ocean Territory
Africa Eastern Africa Kenya
Africa Eastern Africa Malawi
Africa Western Africa Liberia
Africa Western Africa Gambia
Africa Central Africa Congo
Africa Western Africa Guinea
Africa Northern Africa Egypt
Africa Eastern Africa Eritrea
Africa Northern Africa Western Sahara
Africa Eastern Africa Ethiopia
Africa Northern Africa Algeria
Africa Western Africa Cape Verde
Africa Eastern Africa Comoros
Africa Central Africa Gabon
Africa Western Africa Ghana
Africa Eastern Africa Burundi
Africa Northern Africa Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Africa Eastern Africa Mauritius
Africa Western Africa Mauritania
Africa Eastern Africa Mozambique
Africa Eastern Africa Mayotte
Africa Central Africa Angola
Africa Southern Africa Namibia
Africa Western Africa Mali
Africa Western Africa Benin
Africa Western Africa Burkina Faso
Africa Eastern Africa Madagascar
Africa Northern Africa Morocco
Africa Southern Africa Lesotho
Africa Southern Africa Botswana
Africa Central Africa Central African Republic
Oceania (8 Items)
Oceania Polynesia Tokelau
Oceania Polynesia American Samoa
Oceania Polynesia Samoa
Oceania Polynesia Cook Islands
Oceania Polynesia Wallis and Futuna
Oceania Melanesia Vanuatu
Oceania Australia and New Zealand Australia
Oceania Australia and New Zealand Cocos (Keeling) Islands
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